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Seeing in the Dark

What if you lose sight, how do you experience the world around you? Seeing in the dark examines the sensory experience of being blind, with a focus on being blind as a strength: how you can perceive more as a blind person and how the other senses become even more important when your sight is lost.

The documentary tells the story of four powerful, blind characters: the couple Yany and Tinah and the sisters Sandra and Marjoke. Yany and Tinah have built their own exhibition, 'Seeing in the dark', in which sighted people can experience what it is like to use your non-visual senses. Sisters Sandra and Marjoke grew up in a completely blind family. The only exception was Sandra, who could see. These unique stories are bundled in the documentary and show how limitations in life can be turned into positivity. A lesson about decisiveness and optimism, an ode to the other senses and an investigation into the blind world: to learn to see in the dark as a sighted person.

Seeing in the Dark is an award winning project of Berlin Art Film Festival, directed by Juliëtte Dominicus. Juliette (24) is an Amsterdam-based documentary film director. After completing her bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Utrecht University), she worked at the Professionals department of the Netherlands Film Festival. There she learned she has a strong passion for filmmaking and started her first documentary In het donker gezien (2021), in which the perception of blind and partially sighted people in a visual society are examined. She is currently working on her second documentary Indisch Zwijgen (2022).

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