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Check out the winners of Cannes Arts Film Fest

Cannes Arts Film Fest is a competition dedicated to the promotion and recognition of independent art film genres from all over the globe.

The festival team discovers indie films for various sections of the competition and aims to promote and provide exposure to art films and organize a fun and culturally diverse indie cinema competition for filmmakers and cinephiles alike.

Here are the latest winners of Cannes Arts Film Fest:

Best Narrative Short "Apeiron Walk" Director: Mimi Garrard

Best Feature Documentary Blessed Unrest Director: Mari Bonnemaison

Best Short Documentary Murales en movimiento. José Clemente Orozco y las hermanas Campobello Director: LAURA Gonzalez y Matute Best Director The Stranger Director: Kober Martin Best Actor Reza Dehghani Actors Best Composer I Saw Myself Dead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Jordan Paul Roussea Best Experimental We're ALL Here Director: KA Chinery

Best Animation Timeless - Orchestral version Directors: Susan Mey Lee Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia Best Youth Artist Estovan Reizo Cheah Hello Hooman

Best Documentary Director A love letter to Léopold L. Foulem Director: Renée Blanchar Best Short Art Film 3 MUSES Director: Marcia Haufrecht Best Feature Script Katherine and Spencer Writers: Walt Alexander, James Riordan Best Short Script Finding Emmaus Writer: Pamela S. K. Glasner

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