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An Improbable Odyssey: The Life and Times of Brian Wall

An Improbable Odyssey: The Life and Times of Brian Wall is a documentary film which provides an insider’s view of three major international art centers during three turbulent decades of the 20th century from the unique perspective of British-born American sculptor Brian Wall.

Born in London in 1931, and despite an impoverished childhood during World War II and no formal art education, Wall has achieved renown for his abstract steel sculptures. We follow his remarkable journey from the modernist art center of St. Ives, Cornwall in the ‘50s to the Swinging London art scene of the ‘60s to his arrival in America in the ‘70s. He joined the faculty of the University of California at Berkeley at the height of the counterculture revolution and continues to live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area today.

The story is told through insightful interviews with the artist in his studio as well as art historians, museum curators, collectors and fellow artists who describe the creative ferment of the times and Wall’s significant contributions. In addition, hundreds of archival photographs of art works and influential artists, musicians, and writers make this film a truly educational and inspirational experience.

Peter Stern is a British born international documentary film maker who specializes in the genre of visual and performing artists. Peter has previously worked with Gilbert & George, as well as William Turnbull, whose feature length documentary, Beyond Time was broadcast on the BBC. Peter has also worked as a film maker with Richard Hamilton, Antony Gormley, Peter Blake, Barry Flanagan, Hassan Hajjaj, Horace Ové, as well as musicians, including Boy George, Jazzie B, and Gail Ann Dorsey.

Peter has recently directed a feature length documentary film, An Improbable Odyssey, about internationally renowned sculptor Brian Wall, who was responsible for fabricating many of Barbara Hepworth's metal sculptures in St Ives, England in the 1950s. Peter’s latest documentary film project called The Rise Of The Streets, is a 6 part series about the rise of street culture into the main stream, which stars Paul Simonon, bassist for the The Clash, Shawn Stussy, founder of the Stussy brand, James Jebbia, founder of Supreme, Virgil Abloh, artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Kim Jones, creative director for Dior, amongst a host of others.

Watch the film:


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