Winners of LA Independent Film Channel

The award winners of LA independent Film Channel prove that independent filmmaking will always find a way to stand on its own feet and it has no boundaries nor limitations in creativity. The committee of LA Independent Film Channel proudly announced its winners as follows:

Best Narrative Feature:


Directed by: Trae Briers

Best Documentary Feature:


Directed by: Peter Klomp

Best Director:

Phases of the Moon

Directed by: B. Monét

Best Narrative Short:

Achan and Ezra

Directed by: Yan Fisher

Best Documentary Short:

The Mothers of Terrell Homes

Directed by: Isaac Green Diebboll, Rita Fortenberry

Best Experimental Documentary:

Michael Malone, Portrait of an American Organic Farmer

Directed by: Gary Beeber

Best Horror:

Black Moon

Directed by: Ryan Graff

Best Experimental Science Fiction:

Scallywag In Space Episode Unknown

Directed by: Marco Marcus

Best Short Comedy:

Nothing Left

Directed by: William Wilusz

Best Animation:


Directed by: Nicolas P. Villarreal

Best Experimental Feature:

Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder

Directed by: Stephen Travis Pope

Best Experimental Short:

FilmTrips - 10

Directed by: Bill Hayward

Honorable Mention Experimental:

Modern Native

Directed by: Andrea Grant

Best Student Film;


Directed by: Liu Xiange

Best Script:

Put a price on emotion


Best Composer:

Put your Fucking Phone Down

Composer: Jordan Rockwell