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Winners of Berlin Art Film Festival are announced

Berlin Art Film Festival has been selecting and promoting arthouse independent film projects for the past couple of years. The festival team seeks indie film projects from international artists in various sections of the festival. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the latest edition of the festival. The festival is a true filmmakers festival dedicated to the cinematic language and arts. Berlin Art Film Festival attempts to provide spaces for independent filmmakers to create and display their stories without commercial pressure, in order to discover and celebrate extraordinary films and develop independent filmmaking. The festival stands with independent cinema and promotes arthouse film projects of all genres in various categories of the competition. It is important to recognize independent films and artists who have dedicated their life to making arthouse film projects.


Best Narrative Feature & Best Feature Film Director & Best Actor


Dirs: Jamie Lundy, Dominic Brunt

Starring: Jay Taylor

Best Documentary Feature

Salzburg. Eine Kunstgeschichte

Dir: Daniel Harald Ronacher

Best Narrative Short

Come Find Me

Dir: Nela Wagman

Best Producer & Best Screenplay


Dirs: Jamie Lundy, Dominic Brunt

Best Short Film Director

Music Box

Dir: Simon Richards

Best Documentary Short

Seeing in the dark

Dir: Juliëtte Dominicus

Best Indie Feature Film

The Unit

Dir: Lucas Diebold

Best Indie Short Film

At the Strawberry Stand

Dirs: Gerald Gerhard Pribek, Marc Weber

Best First Time Short Filmmaker

I, Dido

Dir: Penelope Shales-Slyne

Best First Time Feature Filmmaker


Dirs: Anders Storm, David Storm

Best Youth Actress

Elizabeth M. Kelly

For: Come Find Me

Best Youth Actor

Lebing “Lavender” Zhuang

For: Your Silhouette

Best Cinematographer


DOP: Edward Ames

Best Composer

Salzburg. Eine Kunstgeschichte.

Music: Michael Frankenberger

Best Unproduced Screenplay


Writer: Joseph Lincoln Harrison

Best Actress

Holli Dempsey


Best Student Film

The Island of Misfit Artists

Dir: Jordan Elizabeth Sambogna

Best Comedy

A Killer Secret

Dir: Bettina Bresnan

Best Horror

Andrew Ginger/Likes Dogs

Dir: Amber Rose McNeill

Best Sci-Fi

The Station Caretaker

Dir: Vladislav Emelin

Best Web-Series-Pilot

The Grind

Dir: Adam Cook

Best Animation

Forgive Me

Dirs: Michael Covello, Elizabeth Schneider

Best Experimental

Isn't It A Beautiful World

Dir: Joseph Wilson

Best Music Video

Leisure Machine

Dir: Jim Batt

Best Trailer

Professional Experience

Best Female Filmmaker

Anima & Animus

Dir: Lauren Pringle


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