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Latest winners of Montreal Women Film Festival

Montreal Women Film Festival is a platform devoted to the language of cinema, independent filmmaking and international female artists. The first edition of the fest kicked off at the Cinema du Parc for the International Women's Day when Linda Serpone, the President of Montreal Council of Women spoke about the importance of the festival and its role in recognizing and screening films dealing with women's rights and promoting women directors. The festival committee consists of female talents and artists from Montreal and all over the globe.

The team invites award winning artists to join as jury members for each edition of the fest. The latest competition of the Montreal Women Film Festival brings together and showcases emerging and established female directors and artists dedicated to the language of cinema and the art of filmmaking. Do not miss the winners of the latest edition of Montreal Women Film Festival. The annual fest is devoted to screening of women in films and media. It is with great pleasure for Arthouse Cinema Daily to announce the winners of Montreal Women Film Festival.

Best Narrative Feature

Triple A

Director: Jihane El Bahhar

Best Feature Documentary


Director: Gülsel Özkan

Best Short Narrative

The Return

Director: Shelagh McLeod

Best Short Documentary

Director: Elana Frankel

Best Animation

A Bride's Diary

Director: Yeon Choi

Best Experimental

I attempt from love’s sickness to fly, in vain

Director: Carol Sawyer

Best Student Film

30 Days

Director: Yu Hsuan Liu

Best Director



Best Actress

Myriam Lopez


Best Producer

I am Kanaka

Genevieve Sulway

Best Editor

Whitney Dunn

Out of My Comfort Zone

Best Cinematographer

Sara Kinney

Out of My Comfort Zone

Best Feature Screenplay


Writer: Rosa Vetrano

Best Short Screenplay

Canary In a Coal Mine

Writer: Dwan Kaoukji

Best Environmental

Director: Valérie VALETTE

Best Human Rights

Atikamekw Suns

Director: Chloé Leriche

Best Composer




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