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Unknown Artists

In this short film, Alexander Brinitzer follows the lives of two young street artists in Paris for 24 hours and shows the conflicting opinions that he encounters as they attempt to paint on a storefront. Based on a true event, the film shows the extreme beliefs about graffiti and street art as a crime versus the beauty and self-expression behind it. We see human reactions and opinions about art in the context of its existence in the street, linking politics in France with its legalization.

Alexander Brinitzer is a New York based film director, producer, writer, and actor of Japanese and German descent. He is also a painter devoted to street art and graffiti. Born in New York City in 1998, he lived in Paris, France from 2 to 18 years old and holds dual citizenship. After passing his French baccalaureate, he moved back to New York in 2019 to pursue his passion to be an actor. He began acting classes at The Barrow Group in New York City and worked closely with Seth Barrish and Lee Brock. He quickly signed with agent Nancy Carson and has appeared in two feature films: CATCHING UP (2019) and I’M NOT HIM (2021).

In 2019, Alexander enrolled at Eugene Lang college at The New School to study film and visual arts. Based on his interest in Hip Hop culture, he wrote and produced the short film CABOURG (2020) shot in France. In 2022, Alexander graduated from The New School with a Bachelor of Arts in Screen Studies and Creative Entrepreneurship. His thesis film, ARTISTES INCONNUS, shot in Paris, France, is his directorial debut depicting what it is like to be a street and graffiti artist in France.

Aside from his film projects, Alexander is also known as the painter and street artist, A.K.B. His first real productions were on walls in the streets of Paris. He continues to create with the street art “style”, doing privately commissioned murals and art objects in New York and Paris. Alexander is now submitting ARTISTES INCONNUS to festivals and is in the process of writing his first feature film.

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