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2020 is the story of a man who buries the reels with film strips. There is biological warfare. He goes to the cinema to see himself as in a mirror. Will he find what he's looking for?

Piotr Osuszkiewicz, the director of 2020, was born in Poznań. After completing his studies in his home city, he left Poland. When checking out the beautiful apartment, the administrator in the district office asked him the following question: but how and where will you live now? Piotr replied that “in the forest”, but he did not know exactly where. He decided after some time to move to Brussels. He anchored himself in the Flemish Art Institute, where he learned about the Flemish culture of the day. At the end of his stay at the Institute, he shared his landscape entitled «Atlantis». Some time later, a Swiss native living in Brussels rented to him a house for a studio in the very centre of the city. Today our artist lives in another district which, it seems, is one of the most famous in the world, in a residence for artists called the "Black Horse". The manager of his dreams, he is a specialist in mixing different thoughts, ideas, directions in art, and different domains. With a love for collecting memories, and a poet from the heart, he began his work in his new town by learning about the local environment. He explored the city's hidden matter behind the facades.

And so for the first time, in the transformation of his surrounding reality, sleepless nights, getting to know people from all corners of the world... this all prompted him to intervene in the street. It was actually not easy at all. St. Valentine's Day was exactly the time of his immediate and creative action outside the country! Knowing the local realities, he plunged into their whirlpool. He dived in, and with it in to the European capital. The problems of the city, people's lives have always been close and important to him, their representation, associations, needs and the spirit of the people.

At that time he brought a ton of exotic plants from a botanical national park to his studio. Anatomical hearts. They have become an important part of the message for him... and a time that does not exist, a repeat, a cycle from the dawn of history. Beauty and the expression of harmony. And when the opportunity arises... he repeats that only the form of a summer dress is changing, and it is always that of a young, dancing green-eyed girl. You can read about it in his poems, in a book of poetry in French, which was published a few years later. " Nothing changes ".

It can be said that there are surprises in the chaos of the events of every man who seeks. He found, it would seem... that the heart... During his exposition in the European Parliament, he became actually the first "cosmonaut" from Poland. After this show, “he created to the drawer”, and struggled with a simple life, like every grey citizen. Until he finally became upset, because patience has its limits, and he shared publicly his unknown art projects. He called it "Forbidden to the public". After this experience he returned to... technology. This time justice has been fulfilled. With the help of a Brussels engineer he created a new work and presented it at the Palace of Justice (Law Courts) of the Belgian Capital. “Open to the public”. Our artist became the managing director of his technical thoughts. “Art and technology”. Some call this innovation, but his work was only a grain that can give birth to something... unconventional. As a result... later there was an interesting music album, which was created in collaboration with a Greek musician entitled "OSUKUZA".

The expression of his need for love and world peace he expressed individually in the smallest Brussels commune of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, inhabited by people from around 160 different countries. The album and draft of the contest in which the inhabitants of Brussels participated was entitled " Les voix de Saint-Josse”. But now the dress, the medium of green-eyed imagination, was changing its colors. And it came in the form of painting. A return to the roots. To meditate on life and death differently.

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