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Warwick Thornton and The Beach

a, the award winning artist of Berlin Art Film Festival is a writer, cinematographer, and director. Warwick received the prestigious ‘Caméra d’Or’ - Festival de Cannes award for his debut feature film ‘Samson & Delilah’ and more recently the Platform Prize prize at Toronto International Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize at Venice Film Festival for his latest film. 'Warwick is a Kaytej man, born and bred in Northern Territory. He is a filmmaker whose work is both profound and beautiful. He shares his love and connection to Country through the art of storytelling and the visual language of film, photography, and mixed media.

The Beach is an experimental feature by Thornton which was selected and awarded by Berlin Art Film Festival. Alone in one of the most stunningly beautiful, yet brutal outback environments in the world, award-winning film director Warwick Thornton, attempts to change his life before it’s too late. Film maker, Warwick Thornton’s incredible international success has come at a personal cost. He has reached a crossroad. Change or die. Warwick has chosen to change. He has chosen to give up the limelight, the drugs and alcohol, to go it alone, on an isolated beach in one of the most beautiful, yet brutal environments in the world, to see if he can transform and heal his life.


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