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The latest screening of Denver Indie Film Festival

The latest annual screening of Denver Indie Film Festival was on June 2nd and 3rd of 2024 in Denver and the competition brought together various art films of all genres from all over the globe for the various sections of competition.

Denver Indie Film Festival was founded with the spirit of discovery for arthouse films and indie projects. The festival is devoted to the cinematic language and art films with formal experimentations in the cinematic form.

These are films made primarily for aesthetic reasons rather than commercial profit, often of an experimental nature or having an unconventional or highly symbolic content, aimed typically at a limited audience. It is our pleasure to announce the 2024 winners.

Here are the winners of 2024 Denver Indie Film Festival:

Best Narrative Short

Nothing to say anymore

Director: Adam Jones

Best Music Video:

Love of god

Director: Karen Richardson

Best Art Film:

Evil brother

Director: Sarah Johnson

Best Comedy:

Why now?

Director: Jennifer Smith


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