Bilal Continues Making Indie Films

It is never easy making an indie film but Bilal Hussain has been trying very hard to continue his work as an indie filmmaker, experimenting with a variety of narratives in cinema.

Award Winning director Bilal Hussain has studied media at "Glad Fagskole Esbjerg”, he works at "Tv-Glad Esbjerg" as a reporter, anchor and cameraman. Over the years in his sparetime he has published two crime fiction books "Detektivjagten" & "Eagle Unit”. He has written, directed and produced seven non-profit short films "Tycho Brahe”, "Raptores" "Drug Life", "Jessica", "Esbjerg: Kriminelle Familie" & "Kørestol Og Fælden" & "Jessica: Del To". He has also acted in three independent short films ”Tycho Brahe”, ”Stoppestedet" & "035”. He has also helped as a boom, light man & assistant photographer on a non-profit independent short film "Kommer Og Går" acted, written, directed & produced by Theresa Søvig Poulsen. Bilal’s film ”Kørestol Og Fælden” has been selected 43. times, with 1. Runner Up, 4. Semifinalist, 8. Finalist, 8. Nominations & 5. Awards. (3x. Best Crime) - (Special Jury Mention, Best Dirctor) & (Honorable Mention, Spot Light Filmmaker). Bilal is in pre production of his first danish full-length feature film "Hvor Blev Kærligheden Af".

Bilal told us that Jessica: Part Two (2020) was difficult to write because I made many story-telling and character building mistakes in the first film Jessica (2017). Which I have corrected, the cinematography, acting and music is also better i think this time. But let's see what the audience and the jury thinks at the festivals.

Jessica has moved from her old house into a one-room apartment in the city. She now is a popular night show host for the television station “Esbjerg Metro News”. Jessica doesn’t go out much, she has decided to be alone for the rest of the life because the pain she has surfed is hurt full.

She believes that being alone is better then having a relationship that ends in tears. Once a week Jessica meets up with her colleague & friend Camilla for girl night at Jessica's apartment. One day, Jessica meets Markus Andersen, a young man who recognizes Jessica he takes interest in her and asks her to go on a date.

Jessica refuses because as much as she wants it, she has still not recovered from her bad breakup with Casper two years ago. Markus doesn’t stop, he keeps on asking and Jessica keeps on refusing.

Bilal continues his work as a filmmaker, trying to inspire his audience to see the world in a kinder way. Jessica will be shown in various festivals in the next few months.