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10th edition of Berlin Art Film Festival

The 10th edition of Berlin Art Film Festival brings together arthouse film projects of all genres from all over the globe to compete in various sections of the IMDb qualifying event. Berlin Art Film Festival has the mission to promote and provide an online screening platform for all the winners and the official selections of the festival. The festival stands with indie cinema and intends to provide the best options to indie and arthouse filmmakers and artists to promote and screen their projects and receive recognition for their dedication toward arts and the language of cinema.

Here are the winners of the 10th edition:

Best Narrative Feature

Empty Nest

Dir: Wei Zhang

Honorable Mention Documentary Feature

Theatre Without Audience

Dir: Pawel Kocambasi

Best Narrative Short

Ship of Theseus

Dir: Yiqing Gu

Best Indie Short Film

The invention of Soledad

Dir: Ana Cristina Franco

Honorable Mention Indie Short Film

Life In Two Words

Dir: Tam Sainsbury

Best Documentary Feature

Lothar from Rascal to World Artist

Dir: Dhiney Ramos

Best Short Film Director

Up & Over

Dir: Harrison Fuller

Honorable Mention Narrative Short

JUJUMAN - If you meet Chow Yun-Fat at Jumunjin

Dir: Sea_yun Lee

Best Documentary Short

Following the Thread

Dir: Kathy Brew

Best First Time Short


Dir: Maria Chelidoni

Honorable Mention First Time Short

About The Beginning Of My Journey

Dir: Sachiko Miyase

Best Experimental


Dirs: Marc Décosterd, Bernard Garo

Honorable Mention Best Experimental


Dirs: Kate Weare, Jack Flame Sorokin

Best Feature Film Director - Best Screenplay

Three Wishes

Dir: Yu Weng

Writers: Yu Weng, Chao Li, Yuan Gao

Best Indie Feature Film - Best Producer - Best Thriller

The Host

Dir: Andy Newbery

Producer: Zachary Weckstein

Best First Time Feature


Dir: Petya Iossifova

Honorable Mention Indie Feature Film

Javed Iqbal Untold Story of Serial Killer

Dir: Abu Aleeha

Best Actor

Sea_yun Lee

For: JUJUMAN - If you meet Chow Yun-Fat at Jumunjin

Best Youth Actress


Isabel Himmelvo

Best Actress

Anna Newbury

For: Up & Over

Best Cinematographer

The Host

DOP: Oona Menges

Best Composer

Expedition Reclamation

Music: Alfred Sheppard

Best Unproduced Screenplay


Writer: Claire MacKenzie Haines

Best Student Film

Da Capo - The Town of Music

Dir: Darc Mavid

Honorable Mention Student Film

My gentle Page

Dir: Meret Kienast

Best Comedy

Schrodinger box

Dir: Emmir Ganjooy

Best Horror


Dir: Russ Emanuel

Best Sci-Fi

Number 8_The Simulation

Dir: Oline Bergin

Best Web-Series-Pilot

Holy Driver - episodes II and III

Dir: Gavin T Rapp

Best Animation

The Cat

Dir: Mary Apick

Best Music Video


Un Amarre

Dir:Claudia Calderón

Best Trailer


Dir: Michal Korzewski

Best Female Filmmaker

The Vagina Slides

Dir: Amanda Feder


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